Thursday, November 9, 2023

Lets Keep Roy's Show Live on the Air

Dear KPFK Listeners,

It's been six months since Roy Tuckman left our world on April 20, 2023. Many listeners feel a tremendous loss and often share how Roy's show has impacted their lives. When Roy passed away, the future of Something's Happening at KPFK was uncertain. 

But through what can only be described as a miracle, KPFK's General Manager, Michael Novick, took the reign and continued to produce and broadcast Something's Happening on air and online.

Recently, Matt Perez, KPFK's veteran traffic director, left KPFK due to the station's financial difficulties. With Matt's departure, the future of Something's Happening is once again uncertain. 

KFPK and the Something's Happening show rely on listeners' ongoing support and donations to continue existing. As his long-time webmaster, I am writing to ask for your help keeping Roy's legacy alive through your pledges. Please call KPFK or donate online to keep Something's happening live on the air.


Sha Tahmasebi

You can donate in the following ways:

Please make your pledge in support of Something's Happening.

·  Online:

·  Text 'KPFK' to 41444 on your cellphone or text "KPFK" to (619) 870-1680 or

·  Call (818) 985-2711

·  Mail in a tax-deductible donation on a check to "KPFK –Pacifica Foundation, PO Box 748419, Los Angeles, CA 90074-8419"


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  2. a questioning comment =
    inquiring about more info about Roy's life/death - that has been kept so secret for alllll these yrs...

    and still not found via KPFK, nor Google, not anywhere to inform 'the rest of us'...

    see more info on great Chris Anderson's site re WBAI [before he died] on WBAI too - not about Roy but about Pacifica's whole trip.

    or another KPFK blog with all our dedicated-good words if anyone ever cares?

    is interested in more than what happens IN the dark caves of stn - now sold property ?

    all $$$ went where ? to whom? nothing left ?

    or how much searching do dedicated KPFK donors/ listeners / volunteers - none are voyeurs tho- have to do to find out what is really HAPPENING there ? huh ?

    [of course we -the mere outside stn dark halls are is always Blamed - for not giving enough $$$ or doing free labor... anyhow...
    noticed same pattern continues?

    and now - again a moment later - leaving out all our valuable Q's .. & always only written with good intentions -
    & to learn more/ better before this 1 comment

    as we finally would like to stop complaining ...
    about how all re KPFK has been frustrating as well as informative - tho from Only INSIDE dark stn -to OUTSIDE --

    nothing going in has ever been possible - to be confirmed, nor replied, nor answered tho... notice?

    well, many prior payers, dedicated caring outsiders have given up ... and are surprised at how much therein still continues broadcasting OUT w/o accountability, visibility, nor important info ...

    i e - about any staff / hosts / programmers being revealed... ever ..wonder why ???
    yes, we do.

    regardless of how much $$$$$ donated over decades of years already ... nothing more than auto bots there too

    oh welll....

    Q was: about Roy's causes of death? + how long sick?

    + How's Diane doing now? or how to contact/ thank her ?

    + who had authority over his pgms - not "Buzz" but Novick / KPFK ?

    + why all the continual SECRECY from all inside KPFK --always in every way ???
    a reply, sharing, caring to be more Open, Honest, revealing would sure be appreciated - not just by complainers - yes, we are ..

    but many others who might donate more of whatever they have too... check that out !!!


Lets Keep Roy's Show Live on the Air

Dear KPFK Listeners, It's been six months since Roy Tuckman left our world on April 20, 2023. Many listeners feel a tremendous loss and ...