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Diane and I are in good health but decided to enter the 'stay at home' order for the time being
since we are past the endangered age. I will be producing the show as a volunteer and Buzz will be assuming the board op duties. It's kind of scary as I have been employed part time or full time nearly
constantly since our President was named Harry. Diane is a full time retiree and can show me the ropes. 

I am secure at home and it is only my station computer which can send the program guide out directly (password problems). So for the time being the program guide will
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'The Diamond Way' #1 
All Info:

12-1 Danny Sheehan "The Role of the Public Intellectual"
'The U.S. After the Cold War' (December 1, 2014)

1-2:30 Cynthia Kneen, "Shambhala Warrior Training" Parts 1 & 2 of 12 

Cynthia Kneen, “Shambhala Warrior Training”   

'How to Manifest Courage, Authenticity & Gentleness in Every Situation of Your Life'

Journey to Tibet’s legendary warrior kingdom to develop bravery, dignity, and gentleness.

In the legendary warrior kingdom of Shambhala, enlightened citizens lived in an advanced society based on fearlessness and nonaggression. Now Shambhala Warrior Training unlocks their secret: how to develop personal power through direct, genuine experience.

In this intensive six-CD learning course, Cynthia Kneen presents these ancient teachings as revealed through Tibet's most revered lineage of enlightened warriors. A living synthesis of archetypal, Buddhist, and shamanistic principles, Shambhala Warrior Training
teaches you the authentic practices these noble people have used for centuries to cultivate natural bravery, dignity, and gentleness.

Join this respected Shambhala teacher as she explores:

Basic goodness—the warrior's vivid, personal experience of the world

Meditation and individual courage

The cocoon—numbing mental patterns and how to break free of them

How to develop the power of genuine presence at work, at home, and in all situations

Freedom, richness, and the warrior's attitude

Windhorse—the energetic aspect of basic goodness

Through time-tested teachings and practices, Kneen shows you how to manifest warriorship under any circumstances, in every moment of your life. You will discover drala—the magical strength and wisdom in the world as it is—and learn how to transform fear into

Shambhala Warrior Training will guide you along your own personal road to Shambhala: a sacred kingdom, shining with truth and peace, whose legend has endured for more than 2,000 years.
From Sounds True, 1 (800) 333-9185,  

2:30-3:30 Jean Shinoda Bolen "Wise Woman Archetype"

'Menopause as Initiation'

Physician and Jungian analyst Jean Shinoda Bolen takes us to the horizon of our understanding about the special wisdom that comes to women after menopause on 'The Wise-Woman Archetype.' Join the bestselling author of ‘Goddesses in Everywoman’ as she plows
ancient ground to uncover the roots of the sacred wise woman/crone archetype. Early societies, Bolen teaches, looked at menopause as a “withholding of the blood,” not to make a child as in youth, but to make wisdom. Bolen shows how women today can tap into
this powerful archetype and reclaim their natural wisdom and authority. From Sounds True, 1 (800) 333-9185,

3:40- 5:55 The Thom Hartmann Program
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12-1 Progressive Commentary Hour – Corona & FED’s $1.5 trillion injection into overnight lenders
Ellen Brown is an economist and attorney in Los Angeles and founder of the Public Banking Institute – a non profit economic venture to develop viable, sustainable solutions to America’s banking crises by promoting people-owned state and community banks. In 2015 she ran as the Green Party candidate for California State’s Treasurer. Ellen has written extensively about the private financial cartels and the Federal Reserve. Her book, “The Public Bank Solution: From Austerity to Prosperity”, introduces a safe soluble public banking alternative to the credit-based system of the current big banks. Her writings also frequently appear on the website of the Center for Global Research, where she is a research associate. She is the host of the radio program “Its Our Money”, heard every Wednesday at 3 pm here on the Progressive Radio Network, and her website is 
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1-2 The Gary Null Show – 03.20.20
The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment.
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2-3 The Gary Null Show – Can Natural Botanical Herbs and Supplements Impact Coronavirus? – 03.10.20
Can Natural Botanical Herbs and Supplements Impact Coronavirus?
A Scientific Look at Botanical Plants and Supplements Against Coronavirus
Richard Gale and Gary Null PhD
Progressive Radio Network, March 10, 2020

In recent weeks, the coronavirus pandemic has dominated the news at the expense of everything else that is critical and urgent in our lives. As panic increases and more cases are reported daily, health-minded people are eager or even desperate to know whether there are ways to strengthen the body’s immune system to offer some protection from this specific upper respiratory infection.

There are six known strains of coronavirus, four which are associated with the common cold or moderate respiratory infections. Everyone has likely had a coronavirus infection at some time in their lives. However, two strains — Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or SARS and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) — are much more severe. Between the years 2002-2004 and 2014-2018 these strains respectively were observed to be lethal. However, during this periods, total deaths were less than one thousand. SARS has the ability to infect the lower respiratory system as well. The current strain being called Cov19 is a new mutation that is being recognized as a novel SARS. 


3-4 The Gary Null Show – 5G: The End of All Things – 03.16.20
5G: The End of All Things
Richard Gale and Gary Null PhD
Progressive Radio Network, March 16, 2020
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We have become thoroughly accustomed and habituated to endless advertising by drug makers to buy into the promises of pharmaceutical drugs or to consent to the nutritional value of junk food. Yet the drug and food industries are completely indifferent to their products’ dangerous adverse effects. They give no thought to what it does to our health. All that matters is the business’ bottom line. Fortunately, we have the freedom to make informed choices about most areas that impact our lives, whether it be living a healthy lifestyle or eating nutritious foods. But that is about to change completely due to the brilliant marketing campaigns to make life easier with the arrival of 5G’s Internet of Things into our homes, bedrooms, offices and streets and avenues. What we are not being told is that as 5G technology increases, we will eventually be living in a 24 hour cycle that carries threats that are potentially far more dangerous than the occasional hamburger, pizza or beer.
Nobody seems to be asking whether the introduction of 5G will truly improve the quality of our lives. Is there any redeeming truth to telecom’s promises? There are none. But unlike a drug or unhealthy habits that can cause death, the FCC under the Clinton presidency passed legislation through Congress that hands over carte blanch permission to the telecommunications industry to directly violate our democratic freedoms of choice. Privacy will disappear altogether since this new technology increases surveillance capabilities exponentially.
And the average citizen has no choice. You cannot prevent Verizon or any of the other telecom giants from installing 5G transmission antennae in your neighborhoods, grade schools and playgrounds, apartment complexes, hospitals, and parks. And this enormous technological feat will also require a minimum of 50,000 new satellites orbiting the heavens above our heads to beam transmission signals to every habitable place on the planet. This new network will be five times greater than the number of operative satellites in space already.
The precautionary principle is intended to avoid inflicting unnecessary harm and injury in order to reduce avoidable health risks, and more importantly death. But this principle is being completely ignored with the full frontal assault to implement 5G at maximum speed. During a Congressional hearing, Senator Richard Blumenthal asked a very poignant question. Do you have any science confirming that 5G is safe? Is money being spent on studies to determine electromagnetic frequency radiation’s safety. At the hearing, every representative of the telecom industry said there were none that they were aware of…


12-1 Dave Emory, "For the Record #1106 Reflections on the Passing of Peggy and Sterling Seagrave"

This broadcast commemorates the lives and passing of Peggy and Sterling Seagrave, investigators, journalists, authors and heroes.

A peripheral internet search conducted while re-reading Gold Warriors yielded the sad news that both Peggy and Sterling Seagrave had passed. Peggy passed away in 2016 and Sterling in the spring of 2017.

Authors of a number of ground-breaking and overlapping historical/political exposes, they culminated their remarkable careers with Gold Warriors, which Mr. Emory feels is as important a book as has ever been written and is a MUST read for anyone genuinely concerned
with the state of world affairs, past, present and future.

More admirable than even their consummate investigative and literary skills is the fact that they continued their research and reporting in the face of serious death threats and attempts, as well as lethal consequences visited on some of the participants in
the “Black Gold” transactions and, apparently, on some of those investigating the machinations of the nations, commercial institutions and individuals involved with the operations.

(FTR #‘s 427, 428, 446, 451, 501, 509, 688, 689 deal with the subject of the Golden Lily program successfully implemented by the Japanese to loot Asia. That loot was merged with Nazi gold, became the Black Eagle Trust, which not only financed Cold War covert
operations but underwrote much of the post-war global economy.)

In FTR #‘s 446 and 509, we highlighted and reviewed the death threats and hands-on interference experienced by the Seagraves in response to their investigations. In 509, we also noted the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of the heroic Iris Chang,
who aided the Seagraves in their Gold Warriors project. Having authored a book on the Rape of Nanking and working on another about the Bataan Death March, Ms. Chang had crossed the very power structure delineated at length, depth and detail in the Seagraves

In our last visit with the Seagraves, a 2009 interview that was the focus of FTR #689, Sterling expressed anxiety about the proximity of their residence in Southern France to the Spanish border and the formidable presence of Opus Dei in Franco’s former domain…

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Dave's website:

1-2 Stephen Bezruchka, “The Coronavirus Pandemic”

Program #BEZS011. Recorded in Seattle, WA on March 14, 2020.

The coronavirus pandemic has sent waves of fear across the globe. It is a dangerous moment. We are benumbed by the dizzying statistics of new cases and the number of deaths popping up all over the world. What is it? It is a novel virus named
for the crownlike spikes that protrude from its surface. It can infect both animals and people and can cause various illnesses and can be fatal. How contagious is it? Very. The top government infectious disease expert says “We’re at a critical point now. The
worst is yet ahead for us.” It’s no time for happy talk. The deeper systemic societal health and economic problems are ignored. When the crisis subsides, we must examine those issues.

Stephen Bezruchka is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Global Health at the University of Washington. He worked for many years as an emergency physician in Seattle. From Alternative Radio, 1 (800) 444-1977,

2-2:30 Chris Hedges, "On Contact" 

Originally heard Sundays, 12:30pm

2:30-3:30   The Ralph Nader Radio Hour
Initially heard on KPFK Sunday's at noon

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3:40-5:55 The Thom Hartmann Program
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12-1 Alan Watts, "Zen Buddhism" Part 2 of 2

'A wide variety of subjects, including identity, opposition, Buddhist history and Buddhist method. What is Zen? How does it work and how does it relate both to the Japanese culture from which it came and to society as a whole?"   (AW)

1-2 Alan Watts "Zen Reconsidered" Part 1 of 4

All info:   

2:00-3:00 Caroline Casey, "Visionary Activist Show:"
The wedding of spiritual magic and compassionate social activism with host Caroline Casey.
From KPFA.   Caroline's Website:

3-3:30 Science Fiction Break 
X Minus One 'Courtesy' Originally broadcast on NBC August 18, 1955.

3:40-5:55 The Thom Hartmann Program
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