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Feb. 7 Article about Pacifica in L.A. Times:


This means we will alter the program schedule if the pledge phones are silent - we're working on keeping the program as 'normal' and uninterrupted as possible but with serious intention of contributing to the station's march to the fund drive goal.


One-Hour Watts-O-Rama

Selections from Watts and fundraising.

From Pacifica Radio Archives, 1 (800) 735-0230,



12-2 Danny Sheehan Yesterday

We take leave of Danny 's U.C. Santa Cruz class tonight on the 'Role of the Public Intellectual' to listen in to an interview on current affairs. Recorded yesterday, produced by Buzz.

2-3:30 Dr. Carl Faber, "Woman as Slave" #2 of 4: 'Dropping Out'

Dr. Faber was a professor of Psychology at UCLA in 1977 when this series of 4 talks was given at Temple Valley Beth Shalom in Van Nuys and recorded and produced by me and Helene Rosenbluth who was on the KPFK Staff at the time. Helene was the creator and producer of the first Feminist Program, 'Holding Up More Than Half the Sky' which was put on the KPFK program schedule with some resistance from the program director on the basis that it would intimidate the men. I circulated a petition among all the male programmers and every one (except one) signed that they wouldn't be intimidated by the inclusion of Helene's show in our regular schedule.

Dr. Faber was a powerful, unique, and extremely popular teacher at UCLA - the only faculty member who could schedule classes and lectures on Monday nights (UCLA basketball nights). He was a frequent voice on 'Carlos Hagen Presents' which was a regularly scheduled program on KPFK. Dr. Faber was an insistent user of "profanity" as a part of his tradition of Anglo-Saxon language, uncensored by 'Norman Values' which were historically of the lower classes in the old country, the straightforward expression of the working class. (e.g. the farmers talked of 'pigs' and the upper classes ate 'pork' which comes from the French word 'porque.' This politesse was also used in reference to sexual and extreme expression. Faber refused to ever be censored except by Carlos Hagen to whom he gave 'license to edit' for radio broadcast. Helene and I jumped at the chance to record and interview him.

Keep in mind that the year was 1977, near the beginning of the latest

effloresce of feminism in a society where a lot of learning had to be done to evolve our social values on the status of women. (It was also one of my very first interviews)
From Pacifica Radio Archives, 1 (800) 735-0230,
Archive #KZ0197.01-04. (Also will probably be offered as a thank-you gift in the upcoming fund drive)

3:40- 6 The Thom Hartmann Program (Thom's back to work!)

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12-1 The Gary Null Show – The Corornavirus: What are we up against? – 02.05.20

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler (PhD) is the CEO and Director of The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, which perform research in the public interest aimed at finding ways to reduce human suffering using funds donated from the public . His research program is currently focused on aluminum toxicity, autoimmunity, and the differences in health outcomes between highly vaccinated and unvaccinated children. A life-long biomedical researcher, he is best known for contributions to advances in medical bioinformatics, and for his three books, “Ebola: An Evolving Story,” (2016) “Cures vs. Profits: Successes in Translational Research,” (2016) and “The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism” (2017). A true-blue academic, Dr. Lyons-Weiler has directed the analysis of data from over 100 medical studies, served as Founding Editor-in-Chief of the journal Cancer Informatics, serves on the Editorial Board of Cancer Research, and has published more than 57 papers in reputable journals. His blog contains deep analysis of issue that confront us today on the mismatches that exist between biomedical science and public health policy. His institute IPAK can be visited at


1-2 The Gary Null Show – The state of California’s efforts to harass physicians who give temporary or permanent medical exemptions from being vaccinated 02.07.20

Dr. Ken Stoller is a board pediatrician medicine, specializing in functional and natural medicine practicing at the Functional Neurology clinic in San Francisco, and an environmental activist. He is a founder and president of the International Hyperbaric Medical Association having pioneered hyperbaric treatments for various conditions including fetal alcohol syndrome. Having become frustrated with medical agency and association cover-ups and the corporate medical lobbying powers over the rapid rise in children’s developmental disabilities, Dr. Stoller and other physicians testified before Congress on the role vaccinations have played, particularly mercury, in the rise of autism and other related conditions. For a couple decades Ken has been treating stroke, autism, cerebral palsy, MS and Lyme brain disorders. Recently the state of California’s Medical Board has filed a case against Dr. Stoller for medically exempting children from receiving vaccinations. He received medical degree and training from the University of California at Los Angeles School of Medicine in 1986 and his website is


2-3 Progressive Commentary Hour – The increasing severity of climate change, and what ancient wisdom tells about the wisdom of trees and their deep relationship with humanity for our survival

If Jane Goodall is the ambassador for the animal kingdom, and Vandana Shiva is the ambassador for seeds, then Diana Beresford-Kroeger is unquestionably the global ambassador speaking on behalf of the world’s trees and forests. Perhaps no one possesses the wisdom of the forest as Diana — an Irish-Canadian researcher, botanical scientist, medical biochemist and Celtic nature mystic. She has written extensively on the molecular biology of trees, their medicinal properties, trees’ social interactions in the forest and with other life forms, forest conservation, and the traditional wisdom trees hold for healing. In the past Diana has held science posts at the Canadian Department of Agriculture and the University of Ottawa School of Medicine. She is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and was named a World Visionary by Utne Reader. Her research gardens outside Ottawa, open to the public, include rare plants from Turkey, Iran, China, and a hundred rare types of species from the northern forests and other countries, many that are endangered. Her most recent spell binding book is “To Speak to the Trees: My Life’s Journey from Ancient Celtic Wisdom to a Healing Vision of the Forest” and the documentary “The Call of the Forest: The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees” highlights Diana’s work across many nations exploring the secrets of northern forests. More about her work can be found at


3-6 The Thom Hartmann Program

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12-1 Dave Emory, “For The Record #1100 - Fascism: 2019 World Tour, Part 10–The Intermarium Continuity”

In these programs, we continue discussion of the Azov milieu and its “Intermarium” outreach, in the context of Ukraine as a “pivot point” central to control of the World Island or Earth Island. The evolution of the Intermarium concept is fundamental to analysis of this phenomenon…

Program Series Highlights Include: Review of the incorporation of the Gehlen “Org” into the U.S. and Western intelligence apparatus; the key presence of the OUN/B and other Eastern European fascist groups into the Gehlen outfit; approval given to Gehlen for his deal with the Americans by Admiral Doenitz (who succeeded Hitler) and General Franz Halder (Gehlen’s “former” chief of staff); the incorporation of the OUN/B/Gehlen/ABN milieu into the Republican Party via the Crusade For Freedom; the key roles in the CFF played by Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, William Casey and George H.W. Bush; Allen Dulles and William Donovan’s wartime collusion with Nazi Germany to craft the Christian West entity; the formation of the Black Eagle Trust by John J. McCloy, Robert Lovett and Robert B. Anderson (this assured the continuity of both Japanese fascism and German Nazism in the postwar period).

For a complete, annotated, written description of this program go to:

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Dave Emory's entire life­time of work is avail­able on a flash drive. The new drive is a 32-gigabyte drive that is current as of the programs and articles posted by early 2016. Link:

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1-1:30 Chris Hedges, "On Contact"

Originally heard on KPFK Sundays, 9am


1:30-2:30 The Ralph Nader Radio Hour

Initially heard on KPFK Sundays at noon.

3-6 The Thom Hartmann Program

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12-1 Alan Watts, “Oriental Philosophy and the West” Part 1 of 4

“An introduction to the basic forms of Oriental Philosophy – Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism – stressing their relevance to the technological civilization of the western world and the problems of humankind’s relationship to nature.” (AW)

All info:

1-1:30 Malidoma and Sobonfu Some', "We Have No Word for Sex: An Indigenous View of Intimacy" Part 1 of 4

Introduced by Alice Walker and Michael Meade

"These are teachers who can help us put together so many things that our modern western world has broken" -- Alice Walker

In this recorded live 1967 presentation, Malidoma Some' and his wife Sobonfu take us into the Dagara Village and give us their tribal view on intimacy, relationships, and marriage. For a subject as overworked as sex, here are some fascinating and important lessons from the heart that are as fresh and relevant as they are ancient.

Malidoma and Sobonfu talk about the sacred meaning of pleasure, preparing a ritual space for intimacy, the connection between sex and spirituality, the story of their arranged marriage, clearing a relationship of unspoken hurt and resentment, how the Dagara balance their inner masculine and feminine selves through gender-specific ritual.

Malidoma is a fully initiated tribesman from the Dagara People of Burkina Faso, West Africa. He has earned two Ph.D. and three Masters Degrees from the Sorbonne and Brandeis Universities. He is the author of 'Ritual: Power Healing and Community' and 'Of Water and the Spirit: Ritual, Magic, and Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman.' Sobonfu means 'keeper of the knowledge.' An initiated Dagara Woman, she speaks publicly here for the first time with warmth, strength and truth.'

Produced by Richard Chelew of Oral Tradition Archives.

2:00-3:00 Caroline Casey, "Visionary Activist Show:"

The wedding of spiritual magic and compassionate social activism with host Caroline Casey.

From KPFA. Caroline's Website:

3-3:30 Science Fiction Break

3:40-6 The Thom Hartmann Program

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